National Park Service Camping Guide, 6th Edition

Enjoy camping in America’s national parks? Let this book be your guide to over 400 public campgrounds managed by the National Park Service. It’s a concise guide to campgrounds in over 120 national parks, recreation areas, national monuments, and other parks. Whether you enjoy tent camping or RV camping, the book gives you information about the number of sites, season of operation, nightly cost, availability of hookups, and the various amenities available such as restrooms, showers, and RV dump stations. RV length limits, length of stay limits, and reservation information is also provided.

Community Review

  • I was looking specifically for RV Campgrounds and RV Parks this amenities listed. This book was very vague on all descriptions. Not what it said it covered
  • There isn’t any information in this book that couldn’t be found readily using the National Park Service website which is also kept up to date with more detailed information. Purchase this book only if you are computer illiterate.
  • This guide is only address and phone number and prices. Not much else. I was looking for rules and regulations and more specific data. This guide has a lot of “call xxx-xxx-xxxx for more information. I wanted that more information from this book. Not too much is included about back for try camping either. This book is mainly for rent and rv site drive up campgrounds.
  • Bought this for my 6 year old on my Kindle app for iOS. He loved the read, he’s asked me to read it several times to him. I had reservations about buying Kindle kids books but the story transfers well to the e-reader format, the book displays two pages at a time (just like when you’re reading a paperback picture book so you don’t have the issue of missing out on 1/2 the picture when they span across both pages which is what I thought would happen). Two thumbs up 🙂
  • My 2 year old loves to watch Curious George (hooray for Amazon Prime, we chrome cast it onto the tv from the laptop) so I thought I’d get him a Curious George book (we love to read). He picks this book out every night to read, looks like I’ll have to get more.
  • Bought this book for my 1year old nephew since he and his family camp often. I read it upon receiving the item and it is a really cute story to read. Love Curious George and all his adventures.
  • Adorable little book about everyone’s favorite monkey going camping. I bought this as a surprise campfire read for our camping trip. My 5yr old loves George. He read this over and over again. Frankly, we haven’t met a Curious George book we didn’t like.
  • Bought this for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I went with a camping theme, including another book (_Calliou Goes Camping_), a InTents Dome Tent, and Learning Resources Pretend and Play Camp Set. The book is similar to all other CG books – the path to the moral is very circuitous, but kids love that journey.
  • My son LOVES this book as well as the character. He is 3 so little George going on all his adventures throughout the series just cracks him up. I grew up reading the series and am happy to pass along the tradition of George and the man in the yellow hat to my son.
  • I bought this to introduce my 20-month old to the concept of camping, but it’s not really about camping. George runs in to the forest and ends up putting out a forest fire. The only bit about camping is a mention of putting up the tent and a campfire in the first 3 pages. Probably one of my lease favorite Curious George books.
  • My toddler loves curious George on pbs. I was amazed at how much she enjoyed the books too. They are a bit lengthy but at 24 months she sits through it and asks to read it again and again!
  • I bought this for a friends 5 year old grand son along with a 2 person tent for him and his dad.
    Great to get the next generation of campers outside and having fun. It is a great book with a lot of easily understood facts on camping.
  • Nice solid board books about the size of your hand. These books are the perfect size for a child to look at. But I was a little taken aback that the whole box set is only a few inches wide & high, check the specs for more info. I’m pleased with these books, quality & price. I would purchase again.
  • Like I said the words are small and hard to read if you have bad eyes sight. Anyway was able to read it to my kids on our vacation which was the reason I bought it. The story is great for the imagination of kids. I prefer a hard back book in this series than a digital one. Hard back books are just better for reading when reading to kids.
  • Got this for my son the first time we took him camping. He loved the story the first time and after we went camping insisted we read the story for three weeks straight after that. Very cute story of Curious George getting into his classic troubles. I even enjoyed reading it every single time.
  • Fun book that didn’t get old reading 100 times to our 3-year-old. Got it in preparation to camping with our toddler this summer. Would recommend to other parents.
  • If you or the person you are buying this for likes the Curious George books- then go ahead and buy this one. It is the typical monkey business with George trying to be a good little monkey but somehow trouble finds him. The younger grandchildren love how George tries to be good and ends up in a mess again.

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