Oliver & Hopes Adventure Under the Stars

The moon and stars set the stage for Oliver & Hope’s return in this much-anticipated follow-up to the award-winning “”Oliver & Hope’s Amusing Adventure””. Come along for the ride as Oliver the bear and Hope the butterfly join their friends Millie the barn owl and Chewie the English bulldog for their first camping trip. From fire-breathing dragons and alien spaceship encounters to a circus filled with elephants, giraffes and acrobats spinning in the air, the friends spend the night discovering the beauty of Mother Nature and playing silly games that make the shadows a little less scary and the adventure a whole lot more fun. Geared toward children ages 3-8, the book’s simple narrative and detailed illustrations allow readers to take a front row seat with these friends around the campfire, have some fun and be inspired by their limitless imagination. The best part of “”Oliver & Hope’s Adventure Under the Stars”” is the reason behind it. This story was inspired by the real-life journey of thousands of children whom the book’s proceeds support. Every purchase of “”Oliver & Hope’s Adventure Under the Stars”” funds grants offered by UHCCF to help children gain access to medically-related services that are not covered, or not fully covered, by their family’s commercial health insurance plan. You can learn more about the impact this book makes and discover fun activities and downloads, including a FREE audio recording of this book, when you visit Oliver & Hope’s Clubhouse at UHCCF.org. Released in 2014, “”Oliver & Hope’s Adventure Under the Stars”” is the sequel to award-winning story book “”Oliver & Hope’s Amusing Adventure”” and is an award winner itself, awarded the prestigious Mom’s Choice Silver Award in 2014.

Our story is one of adventure and perseverance. A story of hope and imagination. Powerful themes that resonate with our grant children and their families. They are also the same elements that guide the charitable mission of the UnitedHealthcare Childrens Foundation (UHCCF) and this book series. The book author and illustrator team of Meg Cadts and Samantha Fitch are the nom de plume of the visionary partnership between the UHCCF ofcers, volunteer staff, and their partner creative agency. For the 1st book, Meg Cadts was created as a pen name for the dedicated original UHCCF team of writers and contributors – represented by taking the rst letter of each of the eight-person teams rst name. Samantha Fitch, is a construct of the artists from Adventure Advertising who hand illustrated and painted the book. In the weeks and months ahead, more and more exciting content will be added to Oliver & Hopes Clubhouse online, including a downloadable or streaming audio recording of Oliver & Hopes Amusing Adventure narrated by Julie Nelson, Emmy award-winning anchor with Minnesotas largest NBC afliate. Visit Oliver & Hopes Clubhouse and Store at UHCCF.org for games, downloadable activities and other fun items. These books are so much more than a great story to share with children. They also offer the chance to help families overcome the challenges of a childs medical condition. The sale of these books will contribute to future UHCCF medical grants. Since being founded in 1999, UHCCF has awarded over 6,000 medical grants, totaling over $18 million.

Community Review

  • Great book for my 2.5 year old. He really enjoys the different pieces of this story as it teaches kids to use their imagine and explore at the same time. My son loves animals in his books, so the main characters of Oliver, hope and chewy the dog gives him someone to talk about and relate to. The adventure in camping and sleeping under stars keeps my child attention and he loves pointing out things he sees in the pictures.

    On top of the good story this book benefits the united children’s fund which is a great cause helping sick children in need.. Never hurts to double duty by helping your child’s imagination and supporting many others at the same time.

  • This is a really cute book. I’ve purchased as a Christmas present so still have a few months before the TRUE feedback is received.
  • My 3yo son really likes these stories. It’s also nice you can download the audio version of the Oliver and Hope books online http://www.uhccf.org/oliverandhope/ (great when I’m tired of reading). I do prefer the first book (Amusing Adventure), but the second is still a great story.
  • This book is definitely for toddlers with an advanced sense of humor. It also incorporates friendship, counting, differences, and compromise. The words and ideas are very simple but each page is an opportunity to discuss further with your child. Books are to be discussed especially with preschoolers. My 3 yr old loves to count as the friends enter the tent. She belly laughs as big Eddie squeezes in the tent with all the friends. Then we talk about how nice all of the friends were to let Eddie sleep in the tent while they sleep under the stars. Its a fantastic book!
  • “Maisy Goes Camping” finds Maisy and her friends Cyril, Talluluah, Charley and Eddy going on a camping trip. Maisy is all packed and ready to go and they’ve found the perfect place to camp. Things become amusing, however, when the situation in the tent gets rather cramped, thanks to Eddy’s large size.

    This is a simple, fun story. The illustrations in the Maisy books feature bright, simple patches of color inside large, dark lines. The text and story content are nice for bedtime.

  • Camping with friends is a lot of fun so when Maisy decides to go camping she invites all her friends. Everyone pitches into help put up the tent and then one by one they all squeeze in. Will they all fit?

    A delightful, brightly illustrated book for young children. Maisy has been a favorite of ours for years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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